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Driving in Spain.

In case of emergency call 112 (Police, fire, ambulance)

Driving around the local area is a great way to explore. However, driving conditions, local laws and procedures may differ to those you are familiar with. Please take note of the following helpful tips to make your journey safe and pleasant:

- the speed on the Carretera is a little bit to high. Remember to keep distance to the car in front of you.
- when you turn off or are going to drive into the Carretera notice that there are very short driveways. This can cause sudden braking.
- go to the left lane if you see a car that wants to drive into the Carretera
- in roundabouts keep in the right outer lane. Right hand rule.
- rainfall can cause  roads to become extremely slippery and the water can stand high. Do not drive fast!
- you may not overtake on the right (inside lane) on a highway unless there is a slip road indicated and you are taking it.

- pedestrians and cyclists have priority.
- talking in telephone while driving cost 300 euro

Speed limits

There are several speed cameras in the area. Be extra careful between Fuengerola and Marbella. If you have a rented car the rental company will charge you the speed ticket. The same goes for parking tickets.

Motorway 110 km/hour

Highways 100 km/hour

Built-up areas 30 - 50 km/hour

Other roads 50 - 80 km/hour

Road signs

No parking - Prohibido Aparca
Parking - Aparcamiento / Estacionamiento
Give way - Ceda el paso
Stop - Stop or Alto
Slow - Despeacio
Danger - Peligro
No entry - Entrada prohibida
Exit - Salida
Entry - Entrada


Always check you have parked legally before leaving your car, otherwise your vehicle may be towed away, especially in Marbella, Estepona etc. If this is the case, a sticker is usually left on the curb with the phone number / adress of your cars new location. You than have to pay for the speed ticket and the transport before you can pick up your car. Probably at least 250 euro.

Road markings

Yellow lines painted on the road - no parking

Blue line painted on the road - pay and display

Spanish road safety laws

Road safety laws in Spain are very strict. Please note the following laws:

- you must carry your car hire contract, driving licence and ID with you on all car journeys.
- seat belts are to be worn in the car´s front and back seats at all time.
- children under 10 years are not permitted to ride in the front seat.
- driving whilst using the mobile telephone is strictly forbidden
- never drive under influence of alcohol etc. The penalties are high including on spot fines.
- an EU approved, red warning triangle must be carried in your car. These are put around the car if you breakdown or is involved in an accident. 
- reflective jackets must be worn when you are outside the car, day or night. The jackets must be kept inside the car so you can put them on before you leave the car.
- if you wear glasses you must carry a spare pair with you


If you should be involved in an accident, you must not admit liability, surrender your ID or hand over any money. Take down details of the other parties involved and if the police are called, help them in any way requested. Even if the accident is minor, you must inform the car hire company as soon as possible.

In case of emergency call 112 (Police, fire, ambulance)