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Costa del sol - Spain

Property Management.

If you own a property in Spain and only live there part of the year, you may want to consider employing the services of a property management company. HomeCare have been managing properties for more than 20 years.

A property management company is organising maintenance and repairs and insuring service bills are paid, post picked up, Comunidad matters handled, paper work with authorities, tax handling together with accountants or lawyers. 

You have someone on site who speaks Spanish and looking after your interests.

We check the property regularly for burglary, electrical problems, water damages, irrigation systems checks,  storm and fire problems etc. We follow up gardeners, pool maintenance, gas inspectors, water company etc

We have an emergency telephone number to take care of things immediately and have personell on site to protect the owners interest.

When you come down to your property it will be cleaned, beds are made, fresh towels, we can go shopping, check your car, exit clean, take care of laundry. All for a problem free holiday., organising maintenance and repairs and ensuring service bills are paid, post picked up, Comunidad matters handled. Someone on site who speaks Spanish looking after your interests. Maintenance of your property.

What to do if you want to rent out? Homecare Estepona helps you to register your property for a Turist Licence. The property has to comply with the law for rental use. We do the marketting and handle the rental clients. 

Sooner or later you need to refurbish. HomeCare have a team to help you.

We have help you to find the right places to buy replacements, decoration or furnishing. Here is a local business list


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