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Tax information.

You have a different tax situation if you are resident in Spain or NON-resident but also depending on if you rent out your apartment/villa full time, as an investment,  only partly or not at all.

Income Tax NON-resident

In relation to the properties that you own in Spain, you should present every year a non-resident tax income (Modelo 210). This tax is for all non-resident property owners to be paid before the end of 2017. This tax has to be paid if you don´t have rental as well as if you have obtained income.

This Tax is personal, every owner has to present it in function of ownership (If there are more owners in the title deed, it has to be done by each of them), and has to present an application 210 for every property that is owned and for every rent that is generated. 

Properties rented out

Do I need a rental licence?

Where can I register?

In most cases, there will have to be presented two tax applications:


-The tax that has to be paid, will be calculated in relation to the tax value of the property and to the days not rented.

The application has to be presented within the year following the year is settled. The deadline is 31/12 every year.


-Should be presented each quarter concerning the days rented, always when you are a fiscal resident in European Union.

-If you don’t reside in a country of European Union, you should present it within the following year that accrues.


If you are a fiscal resident in EU, you can deduct the costs and expenses generated on your property for renting. Generally, those expenses are;

•        IBI (Local tax)

•        Telephone

•        Electricity

•        Water

•        Community

•        Insurance

•        Reparations

•        Others…

For the correct deduction, you should save documents and invoices of those expenses, which have to be on your name and your NIE number.

If you like HomeCare Estepona to organize the payment please let us know and send us the following documentation:


To start with, we need some following documentation.

1.       Copy of NIE and Passport. (Each owner)

2.       Copy of the deed.

3.       IBI

4.       Number of the Bank Account.

5.       Fiscal address.

6.       Certificate of the fiscal residence.

7.       Authorization for tax accountant signed. This document we will send you as soon as we will have all the information for you to return it signed.

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