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The Costa del Sol is a region in the south of Spain, in the Andalucia, comprising the coastal towns and communities along the coastline of the Province of Malaga.

Costa del Sol is situated between two lesser known coastal regions, the Costa de la Luz and the Costa Tropical. Formerly made up only of a series of small fishing settlements, today the region is a world renowned tourist destination with the best weather in Europe, especially between Marbella and Estepona.

 The views dominates of the mountains La Concha above Marbella and Sierra Bermeja above Estepona. 

 Native cuisine on the Costa del Sol, as in the rest of Andalusia, has been influenced historically by Spanish, Jewish and Arabic traditions, and emphasises seafood. Boquarones, small fish breaded without egg and fried in olive oil, then served with fresh lemon, is a universally popular dish. Gazpacho is a famous refreshing cold soup made of raw tomatoes, cucumber, onions, green peppers, garlic, bread, oil and vinegar. Tortillas, Spanish omelettes made with potatoes and served cold, are typical, and a plate of thin-sliced Jamon Serrano, or dry-cured ham, with a glass of Sherry or Malaga Dulce is a traditional combination. The Ir de Tapas (tapas tour), a Spanish expression meaning to make the rounds of bars drinking and eating snacks, is an important social activity for Spaniards. Some bars will serve a Tapa for free when one orders a drink. Churros , fried-dough pastries served hot and dipped in hot chocolate are a typical breakfast food.

Chiringuitos, small, open-air beachside restaurants, offer respite from the summer heat of the cities in the high holiday season.

 Take your time to travel in the mountains! Here are some ideas:

 A tour up to the top of Sierra Bermeja and beyond.

Caminito del Rey - one of the best in Europe or even in the world!?

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