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Beach and Swimming Pool Safety.


Swimming pools safety recommendations. 

In case of emergency call 112 (Police, fire, ambulance)

We hope you enjoy your pool. But for your family´s safety, here are some notes:

- pool depth markings will be displayed either on the pool surrounds or on a nearby sign. 
- please do not dive. The pools may not be large or deep enough.
- please familiarise yourself with the pool depth and ensure that extra caution is taken where the depth may change and if there is any underwater features, particularly if non-swimmers and children are using the pool.
- take extra care walking around the pool, as pool surrounds are often slippery when wet
- please supervise  children and non-swimmers at all times
- please use unbreakable containers for food and drinks around the poolside.

- please do not sit on soft furnishings in wet swimsuits.  

 - Sun cream and oils can make the water cloudy and dirty, therefore please take a shower before entering the pool

 - there could be restrictions using the pools, please read house rules.

Beach safety recommendations.

In case of emergency call 112 (Police, fire, ambulance)

Playing and swimming in the sea can be great fun. However, especially during rough conditions, currents may be present. We therefore recommend that you follow the flag warning signals available on some beaches and swim only in the designated areas, within yellow buoys. Be especially careful if you have small children. Here are some small tips:

- familiarise yourself with the local flag warning system:
red flag = no swimming at all
yellow flag = be cautious
green flag = safe to swim

- see our list of beaches here
- check to see if the beach has a life guard in attendance 
- swim parallel with the beach, within your depth.
- supervise children at all times
- do not swim at night
- beware of the zones for powerboats and jet ski´s
- remember to use adequate protection from the sun and drink plenty of water or other non-alcoholic beverages.
- stay in the shade part of the day 

Do not leave your personal belongings unattended 

There are several Chirringitos along the beaches where you can hire sun chairs.